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    The Science of Well-Being

    Date: October 3, 2023, 1:00pm – 2:00pm
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    Designed to help employees RECHARGE at all levels--mental, physical, social and environmental--“The Science of Wellbeing” is built on the science of embodied behavior change and healthy habit formation. It supports the development of actionable strategies to lower levels of stress and stress-related leave claims, reduce levels of absenteeism, and increase levels of productivity and employee engagement. It provides science-based emotional intelligence methods for well-being enhancement. Participants:

    • Explore the science of emotions, how they can use their emotional self-awareness to better gauge their well-being, and whether the improvement strategies they adopt are working for them;
    • Analyze what an improvement in their own well-being might mean to them;
    • Assess and share what strategies they are currently using to maintain their well-being;
    • Determine how they can make new strategies stick, using action plans built around the science of behavior change;
    • Consider how to balance the demands of a hybrid workplace, while staying engaged and productive.

    Liz Garrett offers fierce support and practical tools to help technical professionals develop emotional intelligence, cultivate resilience, incorporate mindfulness, improve well-being, boost creativity, increase engagement, enhance meaning, fuel contribution, strengthen productivity, inspire innovation, and promote retention. Her strong communication and organizational skills are particularly effective with leaders in science, math, engineering. She is a highly-trained, certified and experienced professional coach, speaker, trainer and writer.