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Board Members

    Current (2023-24) Chapter Board of Directors

    District Director Susan Grossman

    President Valerie Lee

    Past President Stephanie Perry

    Professional Development Director Leann Vernon

    Secretary Tonya Nations

    Student Chapter Director Stephanie Perry

    Social Media Director Cory Darnel

    Treasurer Deborah Vanover


    2014 Chapter Board of Directors


    District Director (term: 2012-2014)

    Susan Grossman 


    President (term: 2014-2015)

    Valerie Lee


    Secretary (term: 2014)

    Janice Harber


    Treasurer (term: 2014)

    Deborah Vanover


    Past President

    Nathan Hayes, PHR



    2013 Chapter Board of Directors (same as 2012)


    District Director (term: 2012-2014)

    We are proud to be the home chapter for our District Director, Stephanie Perry, PHR 


    President (term: 2012-2013)

    Nathan Hayes, PHR


    President-Elect (term: 2012-2013)

    Pamela Giles


    Secretary (term: 2013)

    Janice Harber


    Treasurer (term: 2013)

    Deborah Vanover


    2011 Chapter Board of Directors


    Stephanie Perry 


    Nathan Hayes 


    Janice Harber


    Deborah Vanover